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Driving School in three phases (passenger car, B)         

We have a three-phased driving school system in Finland: Basic Phase, Practising Phase and Advanced Phase.

1. The Basic Phase.The course includes 19 theory lessons, 18 driving lessons and dark driving exercises. Driving lessons includes the slipperytrack exercises. To get a driver's license in Finland we make an application to the TRAFI on your behalf. You must have a permanent address and a finnish social security number. For the application papers, we need to include two passport photographs, a medical certificate and a permit fee of 40€ paid to Trafi / Ajovarma.

The course price is 1400€. (includes 19h theory, 18h driving, learning material, dark driving exercises, slippery track payment and value added tax 24%)

+ 40€ for driving license permit

+ 31€ for theory exam

+ 65€ for driving exam

2. The Practising Phase. It is considered to be after 1-2 months, you got your license. You need to come back to the driving school for an evaluation and feedback. The Feedback period includes one theory lesson and two driving lessons. This is when we have a chance to talk about how your driving skills have been developing and answer any questions you may have.

The course price is totally 150€(includes 1h theory, 2h driving, learning material and value added tax 24%)

3. The Advanced Phase. The time when it would be good to participate in the Advanced Phase is about after a year you got your license. It includes a two-hour driving focusing on ”safe and economical driving”. The next step is the slippery track practice, with your own car. This includes practical exercises on the slipperytrack and indoors safety demonstrations. This takes about 5 hours to complete.

The course price is totally 330€ +60€ if you need to rent a car from driving school. (includes 3h theory, 4h driving, learning material, slippery track payment and value added tax 24%)

Ask more, Henry Anneberg 044 2963 451, office 040 3589 919 or email

We are starting new B-course only when there are at least four participants.